Using C++ boost libraries in Xamarin.Forms

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I’m a C# developer with no C++ background. For our next project, we have to use a C++ library that uses Boost underneath the hood. I was able to create a wrapper that exported C++ functions so I can call it from the C# Windows app (via Pinvoke). The problem is that we want to share the codebase for our mobile apps too (written in Xamarin.Forms). If you think this is possible, can you please give me some hints or resources so I can learn how to do it?

According to this question, Boost is not officially supported on Android but it is a 3-year-old answer. Has anything changed yet? Are there any tested "non-official" ways to compile it for mobile devices? I have access to the C++ codebase and can rebuild but, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with CMake, GCC, or other C++-specific tools. Any hint would be appreciated.

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