Alien landlord problem based on graph Algorithms

  c++, dsa, graph, java, priority-queue

An alien spaceship is attacking on earth.The aliens want to destroy most of the civilization and make remaining ones their slave.They know all the major cities. Your task as a slave to find path for the spaceship to destroy all the cities and kill your brethren. You know distance of some cities from your current City.

1- Cities destroyed can be allowed to visit again.
2- Current location of spaceship is 0.

Input specification:
Input 1-Number of Cities
Input 2-Number of roads
Input 3-Array representing one way road between x and y and distance between them is w represented as{x,y,w}.

Output Specification:
Your output return the order in which cities are destroyed by spaceship,where spaceship travel the minimum distance.

Example 1:

Input 1:7
Input 2:6
Input 3:{{0,1,1},{0,3,2},{0,4,5},{1,2,3},{4,5,4},{5,6,4}}


Example 2

Input 1:7
Input 2:8
Input 3:{{0,1,6},{1,2,7},{0,3,1},{3,6,9},{2,3,5},{0,4,2},{4,5,8},{5,6,2}}


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