Is there anyone who uses QT to develop webrtc native under win? [closed]

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there is a default copy constructor in webrtc:

    const RTCConfiguration& rhs) = default;

it runs well in the official Win32 demo program. When I call it in QT, the bad alloc error of string appears (there are string members in this class).

The call stack with error is as follows. Can someone tell me how to continue debugging? tks!
enter image description here

PS: the call of this function is an official process, not written by me. I heard that libc + + is used for webrtc compilation. I also specify libc + + in QT. There are still such errors.

PPS: this error occurs when initializing a peerconnection

  // The port allocator lives on the network thread and should be initialized there.

  const auto pa_result =
          rtc::Bind(&PeerConnection::InitializePortAllocator_n, this,
                    stun_servers, turn_servers, configuration));

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