Porting WPF to MAUI. What other considerations are there?

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I recently updated a WPF application from .NET 5 to .NET 6 with no issues. Next I want to target Mac OS, so I want to port it to MAUI once it’s generally available next spring. In the research I’ve done so far, these are the biggest differences/issues I’ve found. What else might I be missing?

BTW, I’m also considering Blazor Hybrid, but it’s looking more doubtful the more I research it. So for this question, I’d like to concentrate on MAUI/.NET 6 only.

  1. Control properties are not directly accessible and must be set with handlers with an IF branch for each targeted platform.

  2. I’ll have to learn the Xamarin flavor of XAML (very similar to WPF XAML, but some differences).

  3. I’ll have to learn how to deploy MAUI apps. I assume ClickOnce will still work for Windows deployment, but will have to learn how to deploy to the Mac.

  4. I’ll need to buy a Mac and use Visual Studio for Mac to compile for the Mac OS target.


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