Windows explorer process keep spawming when open a java program

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Yessterday,i was making a minecraft project that requires 2 distance of the launcher running at the same time.

I found a program called settext.exe from another stackoverflow post(Changing title of an application when launching from command prompt)

(The program above can change a running program’s title.)

The above program did manage to do what is suppose to do,change the program title.

But the problem is that,when i exit out of the launcher (by clicking the red X button) it exit but then spawn a bunch of windows explorer process (about 30 – 60 process per second) in the task manager.

Using task manager’ end task won’t help,i tried to kill all the explorer process using taskkill /f /im explorer.exe,but it still respawn.

The only way to exit out of this is to log off and log back in.

Can someone explain me what is going on and how to fix it?

EDIT:Here is some details:
1 i launch it from the command line using:

Javaw -jar minecraftLauncher.jar

2 i changed the title using:

Settext.exe "minecraft launcher" "sample2"

(Sorry for a long post and a pretty off-topic question.I was panic.)

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