Minimize window with correct windows 11 behavior

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There are two (it would seem) idiomatic ways to minimize WPF window in in code:

  • window.WindowState = window.WindowState.Minimized
  • SystemCommands.MinimizeWindow(window)

The desired behavior is that the windows 11 window minimize animation is seen. The actual behavior is that the window instantly disappears from the screen.

This is for a window with a custom chrome – therefore triggering the behavior from code seems necessary:


Is this a defect in the WPF desktop pack for .NET 5 (and 6)?

How does one not get the desired behavior without reverting back to default windows with standard chrome? It is not an option to use a WinUI 3.0 window since XAML islands have not been released yet and gradual modernization is needed.

There are some proposed solutions on the web, like:

However, I could not get it to work with a window with a transparent background.

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