Access violation error in debug mode but application runs in release mode for a dll compiled in visual studio2015

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I am using visual studio 2015 in 32bit mode to compile a dll(VSDll) which calls the functions written in another dll (MATLAB function exported as dll by MATLAB C++ compiler). This VSDLL is then called by an .exe file. Now, I can successflly compile the code into debug and release DLLs. I can also successfully run the release dll from the .exe file. It runs without any problem. But when I try to run the code in debug mode in visual studio I get the following error Error message.
This figure has the register information and the stack frame where the error occurs.Stack Frame and registers. Also attached the stack trace information here. Stack trace.

This might be a silly error but I am new to C++ and I don’t have a very deep understanding of memory heaps and stacks. I tried enabling/disabling different settings in the debug mode as suggested in other answers which have worked for others but nothing works in my case. I was using the Visual studio professional version before and I could debug without this error. Now recently I had to change to visual studio community edition and since then I have this problem only when I try to set breakpoints in my code and debug it. Could this be the problem? Another thing I have noticed is, I am using Visual studio to compile various MATLAB functions as dll and use them to build customized dlls to run in TRNExe. Each of it works fine in the release mode, but in debug mode, everytime the same boost_log-vc110-mt-1_49.dll that breaks down and at the same memory register 0x7e37a348.
Can anyone please help me solving this error? I appreciate any ideas or suggestions regarding what the problem could be.

Please see the warning messages here. Could this be the source of the problem?Warning message

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