Add chibios library for embedded project in visual studio

  .a, c++, chibios, header-files, visual-studio

I am gonna use ch.h file from chibios in my project. The embedded project is using HAL for stm32.
I followed the link to add the paths where I cloned chibios.

When I added one path for .a and .h file, there was an error "no such file/directory". I could solve it by adding the other .h dependencies. But after adding one header file, I got a new error "redefinition". It is like a nightmare. Like a loop. Whatever was added, I got another error.

I found one way to add libraries in visual studio, named vcpkg. But the chibios wasn’t available in vcpkg.

One another way is to add libraries in standard libraries without adding any paths. But how can I find standard libraries? If the location is in the compiler (gcc-arm-none-eabi), the chibios package was added, but it still wasn’t detected in visual studio.

I really appreciate it if you know any tutorials or ways to add chibios in the visual studio

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