Ansible Port Binding To Windows Server AppId

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I am trying to bind a certificate to a Microsoft App ID on a specific port and IP.
I got no problem with the port and IP but struggling to understand how to assign the binding with an app id.

I am looking to use ‘community windows win iis webbinding’ module in order to accomplish it.
The apps I am looking to bind are well known:

iisAppID "4dc3e181-e14b-4a21-b022-59fc669b0914"
webDeployAppID "6D47C31D-A4F8-4974-8C60-504BC8E7143D"
reportingAppID "1d40ebc7-1983-4ac5-82aa-1e17a7ae9a0e"
remoteAdminAppID "d7d72267-fcf9-4424-9eec-7e1d8dcec9a9"

Here is a template of what I am looking to use for this:

name: Add a HTTPS binding

name: Default Web Site

protocol: https

port: 443



state: present

My question is, where does the app id fit in the Ansible module?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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