Cross-Platform Framework with most native API access and

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So this is a 2 part question. I see there are various cross platform related questions on StackTooMuchFlow but none seem to address my specific questions. If there is, please feel free to point me in the right direction. I’m also aware that I could do my own research for each platform but I’m hoping to reduce some of that research time if people can provide input from their various domains.

1. Which cross platform framework exposes the most native APIs for developers, and if they don’t offer direct access, provide a documented approach to expose or create a bridge to the native API?

While UI is still wanted, I feel most frameworks take that as a given and have those capabilities off the bat. I’m more interesting in accessing less common used native APIs that more directly interface with the OS. For example, triggering a swipe gesture or mouse click (e.g. iOS does it via XCUIElement, windows does it via iButtonControl), accessing bluetooth, accessibility, SMS, etc…

While I’m sure it’s possible to create a common API myself between the language of choice and the various native languages (with a decent amount of work), it’d also be nice if the framework documented the best approach, such as React Native does here.

2. What’s the most supported cross platform framework that actually covers most (ideally all) of the major platforms (iOS, MacOS, android, windows, linux, web-based)?

I see Flutter says it’s cross platform but does not yet support production windows, linux, or MacOS. It’s still in beta testing and they don’t recommend using it in production. I see Microsoft and Facebook teamed up to support React Native on Windows and MacOS but I’m not seeing Linux. Xamarin seems to be a good option as well but I don’t see a clear way to interface with all native APIs (unless it’s legit the same as RN and I just am not as familiar with it), and eventually you’ll need to pay for their enterprise license. Ionic seems to be able to wrap a web view in the native OS but with that being the case, it limits the access, or makes very difficult, interacting with native APIs.

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