How to implement the present found in the QAbstractVideoSurface so that is works with qml videooutput type

  c++, qml, qt, video-streaming

I have livestream data that i would like to output to a display using c++ and qml. I have been closely following this example Custom source property for VideoOutput QML however I have a few questions. Unfortunately I am not allow to share the code I am working on, hence I will just use screenshots.

In the example, the fameProvider.cpp class calls the present method which is used to display the frame however there is no implementation of that method provided neither in the example nor by the QAbstractSurface class since it is a pure virtual function. Hence I want to know how I could possibly implement the present methods so that is would update the m_surface variable before I pass this data to qml. I have been researching for weeks and this is the closest example I was able to find online.

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enter image description here

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