Category : gocv

I am running into the following issue when attempting to use the MatchTemplate function in the GoCV library. Exception 0x20474343 0x17dfa24eb60 0x7ffca1fd59c6 0x7ffca6fd4f99 PC=0x7ffca6fd4f99 runtime: unknown pc 0x7ffca6fd4f99 stack: frame={sp:0x194f1ff0b0, fp:0x0} stack=[0x0,0x194f1ff9e0) … … … goroutine 1 [syscall]: runtime.cgocall(0xcdf650, 0xc000123dc8) C:/Program Files/Go/src/runtime/cgocall.go:156 +0x4a fp=0xc000123da0 sp=0xc000123d68 pc=0xb640aa, 0x17dfa24e9b0, 0x17dfa24ea20, 0x5, 0x17dfa24ea90) _cgo_gotypes.go:5195 +0x52 fp=0xc000123dc8 sp=0xc000123da0 ..

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